Our Vision

Curious Minds Institute aims to constructively shape the lives of children, their families, and society through modern and meaningful education.

Our Mission

To create a transformative educational journey for students to ensure that they can achieve their full potential, much beyond what they believed was possible.

Founder's Message

Dear Parents,
When I was a child, I thought that highly successful people are born with innate qualities that make them successful. However, having studied and worked alongside brilliant individuals, I realized that most of them inch towards greatness by starting early, setting the right milestones, and working steadily towards them.

Having observed many colleagues and friends' growth over the years, I have learnt that effective guidance from inspirational mentors can spur the children to visualize and actualize success. It makes them ambitious, confident, and self-driven, which fuels them to stretch beyond imagination. The Curious Minds Institute puts to practice many such excellent ideas that transform the lives of young children.

Our career-oriented programme, LEAP, brings together stimulating classes, experiential learning, and inspiration under one roof. It is designed to provide the children with an atmosphere that helps them achieve their full-potential, significantly beyond what they believed was possible.
I encourage you to read about the programme and motivate your child to apply.

Manish Kumar
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