LEAP: Admission & Fees

Admission Process

The selection of the programme is done through an online aptitude test followed by an interview. Only selected students become eligible to pay the fee and get admitted. The admission is done in phases.

  1. Apply to the LEAP programme.
  2. Appear for the online aptitude test.
  3. Appear for the the online interview(on zoom) along with a parent.
      • Students who qualify for the interview will be notified an interview time via email/WhatsApp.
      • Sample interview questions given below.
  4. Admission results will be communicated via email.
  5. Pay the programme fee before the admission due date mentioned in the table above.

The test would contain objective questions on logical reasoning and comprehension.

There is no specific preparation needed for the aptitude test. The test would not examine the previous knowledge but the broad-spectrum aptitude to learn.

Appear for the interview along with a parent. You can expect questions like these-

Question to students:

  • Questions similar to the aptitude test.
  • How will the LEAP programme help you?

Question to parents:

  • What do you think are the two great things about your child?
  • Which aspects do you think the child can improve?

A parent can choose to speak in the language that they are comfortable. The interviewers would be fluent in both English and Hindi. If any parent is not comfortable with either, please let us know on admissions@curiousminds.co.in so that we can make appropriate prior arrangements for the interview.


Application fee: INR 500/- . Waived-off for LEAP 2021-22.

*Students who are currently admitted to schools outside the geographical territories of India.

Please note that the student must have either smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop to attend the sessions. They must also have data connectivity or a working internet connection. These are not included in the Program fee.

Standard Payment Option:

Programme fee to be paid in full by admission due date.

Pay-in-Parts Payment Option:

Payment can be made through:

  1. Online payment through UPI, Net Banking. Debit Card or Credit Card.
  2. IMPS/NEFT Bank Transfer
  3. Bank deposit.

Refund Policy

  1. Participants will be eligible for a full or partial refund of the tuition fees paid if they wish to withdraw within the first 60 days from the programme start date. Refer to the table below for details.
  2. No refund is given on admission or processing fees, if paid. Tuition fee is refunded as per the following table:
  3. If a student is expelled by the Institute due to any disciplinary reasons, misbehaviour or misconduct, then no refund would be issued.
  4. The participant is entitled to a pro-rated refund of tuition fees in case of cancellation of the programme by the Institute.
  5. Student who become eligible to recieve a refund will be refunded on the original method of payment or equivalent. The standard time to process a refund is 3-5 weeks.
  6. All cancellation requests must be recieved on admissions@curiousminds.co.in with the following details:

a. Student Name:
b. Parent Name:
c. Std.:
d. School:
e. Phone Number:

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