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Frequently Asked Questions

Key Benefits

With the advantage of 3 core-benefits, students become prepared for today and tomorrow.
1. Get Conceptual Clarity
Our students excel in school, boards and NTSE.
Historically, more than 95% our students observe a significant improvement in their academic performance.
2. Fall in Love with Learning
Most of our students develop deep interest and end up loving Science and Math.
3. Become Career Ready.
Our curriculum is benchmarked to prepare the child to compete in the challenging future competitive exams.

Selected students are taught Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Mental Aptitude (NTSE). Our curriculum is based on NCERT (CBSE), ICSE, IIT/NEET Foundations.

Selected students get

  • Mentorship from our teacher and founder- Manish Kumar.
  • Career insights and guidance from top professionals, IITians.

Class Format

All our classes are conducted LIVE in small batches. The students are able to unmute themselves and participate, ask any doubts that they may have right during the class. Our classes are very energetic and interactive. These are a few of the uncountable reasons why students love attending our classes.

Class Duration: 1 hour 15 min.
Num of Classes: 4 classes per week.
Contact us on WhatsApp if you want to get the full timetable.

Yes. Every month we conduct 3+ tests across the including comprehensive tests and class tests.

Selective Admission Process

[Apply for free before 31 May]
Students who apply early have an edge in selection.

Step 1: Experience a LIVE Class
You have to fill the form “Experience a LIVE Class”. Once you do that:

  1. You will have the opportunity to attend a live class by our inspirational teacher-Manish Kumar
  2. You will be given a link to our quick application form.

Step 2: Apply(by 31 May)
Fill a quick application form. This will be followed by an aptitude test and interview. Students who meet the cut-off are  selected. 

Step 3: Take admission
If you pass the cut-off, you will you be invited to take admission.

Yes, of course. Our class timings try to accomodate most timezones.

The selection is based on your aptitude(or raw intelligence) and not your current marks.
Future belongs to those who try. Go ahead and apply.


No. There is no application fee.

The fee for the entire academic year(till March 2022) is given in the table below.

You can pay the fee either at once or in-small parts

We have a no question asked refund policy up to 60 days from joining.

Experience a LIVE Class

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